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What is Beauty & Fitness?

Personal appearance is important to many and the industry of beauty and fitness help them care for it in the aptest way – be it calling for a hairdresser or indulging into yoga.

The beauty and fitness industry offers a diverse range of careers to aspirants. Candidates can work for or run a locally owned beauty salon or find themselves working for spa resorts, fitness centres, cruise ships, hotels, and so on. With a range of specialities available, candidates can find themselves developing a variety of skills in practices such as hairstyling, makeup, skincare, yoga, etc.    

The industry of beauty and fitness is changing constantly. With the new products and techniques being developed every now and then, the sky is the limit for candidates looking to pursue a career in beauty and fitness. Soft skills are anything that can make or break anyone’s career in the industry of beauty and fitness. Below are the top skills and traits that candidates should possess in order to build a successful career in the field of beauty and fitness.

Eligibility Criteria for Beauty and Fitness Course 

There are no particular eligibility criteria to pursue a course in beauty and fitness. The course can be pursued by anyone starting from Class 10th pass-out students to graduates or post-graduates. However, a course in beauty and fitness is best suited for those having a passion to build their career in the industry. 

Beauty and Fitness Skillset

The candidates making a career in the beauty and fitness profession should acquire essential skills as mentioned in the table below: 

Required Skills for Beauty and Fitness Profession
Commitment Passion
Motivation Creativity
Innovation Hardworking
Dedication Precision
Listening skills Interpersonal-skills
Decision-making skills Communication skills
Ability to work in a team Adaptability

Beauty and Fitness Course Subjects and Syllabus

There are a variety of diploma and certification courses that candidates can pursue to secure a job in beauty and fitness sector. The course curriculum in beauty and fitness depends on the course a candidate is pursuing. However, given below is an overview of the subjects taught in fitness/ personal training certification course and advance beauty therapy course.

Personal Training Certification Course Curriculum

Candidates pursuing a course in fitness and training study the topics around the subject as under:

Intro to the fitness industry




Cardiovascular regulation

Energy system

Legs lecture

Demo (Legs)

Back lecture

Demo (Back)

Chest and Shoulder lecture

Demo (Chest and Shoulder)

Abs and Arms lecture

Demo (Abs and Arms)

Core training

Heart rate training

Fitness testing and body composition assessment

Functional training



Posture analysis and correction technique

Sports injury, prevention and first aid

Special population

Basic nutrition



Practical trials


Beauty Therapy Course Curriculum

Candidates pursuing a course in beauty therapy, get to study the following topics in detail: 

Topics for Beauty Therapy Course
Hair Spa & Hair Treatments Straightening
Perm Keratin
Hair Art & Bridal Hair Styling & Men’s Hair Cuts Creative Haircuts and Colouring
Blow drying and Heat styling Grey Coverage 
Root Touch-ups Grooming
Hygiene & Safety Nail Structure
Cleansing & Toning practice Exfoliation & Extraction & Massage and Facial Procedure
Anti-pigmentation treatment Hands & Feet massage

Beauty and Fitness Job Profiles

Some of the popular jobs that candidates who have completed a course in beauty and fitness can take up include:

  • Hairstylist: A hairstylist is an individual who provides a wide range of hair beauty services such as shampooing, cutting, colouring, and styling of hair. A hairstylist may also advise clients on how to care for their hair at home.  
  • Hair Colorist: As the name suggests, a hair colourist is a professional who offers colouring services to clients and is usually hired by a large salon having a separate colour department.  
  • Nail Artist: A nail artist provides nail and hand services to clients such as manicures, hand massages, nail fills, nail art, nail polishing, nail repair, nail extension, hot oil therapy, etc.
  • Esthetician: An esthetician provides treatments for skin, hair removal and other processes that help people maintain their physical appearance. An esthetician may give facials, head and neck massages, laser treatments, etc. 
  • Makeup Artist: A makeup artist’s main job is to apply makeup to aesthetically enhance a person’s appearance. Depending on how refined skills of an individual are, a makeup artist can choose to work for television, theatre, movies, professional photography, fashion shows, etc.  
  • Massage Therapist: A massage therapist performs therapeutic massages of soft tissues and joints to provide treatment for painful ailments, reduce stress, rehabilitate injuries, and promote general health. A massage therapist can work at fitness centres, hotels, spa centres, etc.
  • Salon/ Spa manager: A salon/ spa manager is responsible for managing different operations of a spa or salon. Their core duties include managing staff, overseeing facility maintenance, developing budgets and creating promotions campaigns, etc.   
  • Barber: A barber provides services such as cutting, trimming, shampooing, and hair styling to mostly male clients. Some barbers may also offer scalp treatments and facial shaving services.
  • Beauty Writer/ Editor: A beauty editor typically works for women/ fashion magazines to cover different beauty products as well as trends. The responsibilities of a beauty editor include writing as well as editing the articles, working with the freelance writers, managing photos, planning editorial agenda, etc.  
  • Tattoo Artist: A tattoo artist is a professional who applies a permanent design to a client's body by injecting ink under a layer of skin. Some of the responsibilities of a tattoo artist are keeping up-to-date with the latest fashion in tattoos, devising new tattoo designs, meeting clients to discuss their tattoo desire, etc.
  • Fitness Trainer: A fitness trainer instructs, leads and motivates an individual or a group of people in exercise activities such as cardiovascular exercises, strength training, stretching, etc.
  • Athletic Trainer: An athletic trainer is a multi-skilled healthcare professional who collaborates with physicians to provide medical services to athletes such as therapeutic intervention, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions.
  •  Nutritionist: A nutritionist assists clients with professional guidance and coaching that helps them have healthy, tailored eating plans and make meaningful behavioural changes. As a nutritionist one can work at places such as gyms, schools, hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, private practice, and other institutions.
  • Physical Therapist: A physical therapist helps people overcome physical injuries, illness or surgeries. A physical therapist determines the root causes of the pain or illness, counsels patients, and helps them create a rehabilitation plan. 
  • Recreational Therapist: A recreational therapist makes use of different exercises to treat patients who are disabled or suffering from some illness or injury.


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